Venus Williams's Inspiring Australian Open Prep Is All About Deadlifting and Dancing

Venus Williams is looking to make history! Although younger sister Serena will not be playing in the Australian Open this year, Venus is more motivated than ever as she could become the "oldest player, male or female, to win a major in the Open era," reports. At just 37 years old (and 62 days), Venus is looking to surpass Ken Rosewall, who won the Australian Open in 1972 at age 37, but the best part is, Venus is preparing with a huge smile on her face.

She recently took to Instagram to give fans a look at how she's getting ready for this potentially record-breaking tournament, and although there are some intense deadlifts and cardio workouts with resistance bands, she's all about letting loose and having fun on the court. Venus is proving once again that it's OK to crack a smile and break out the dance moves, even before a serious competition!

"You just have to go for your dreams," she said in the video above. "Whatever happens, I'm looking forward to executing my game; that's all that matters at this point. I'm very happy to be here hitting the ball, and hitting it in."

Last year, Venus lost to her sister Serena during the finals of the 2017 Australian Open. We can't wait to see how Venus performs this year!