A Victoria's Secret Model Spills on the Pressure to Work Out

Can you imagine being a Victoria's Secret model? Sure, it seems insanely glamorous — jetting off to Paris to walk the runway alongside The Weeknd, training in exclusive NYC gyms with the hottest trainers, and, of course, getting to wear wings and heels all dolled up on the runway.

But then there's the idea of there being so much pressure to look ultrahot at all times, right? The pressure to work out constantly, to eat healthier, and skip the pizza.

So when we talked to Rachel Hilbert, the face of Victoria's Secret Pink and runway model for the upcoming VS Fashion Show in Paris, we wanted to get her insight on this. Her response? "There's not any extra pressure there."

"It's not the job that made me work out," she told POPSUGAR. "I've always been an active person." And while she mentioned she's more encouraged to be healthy thanks to her job, she really appreciates it, too. "It's a little bit more motivation when your job is to also look healthy and all of that," she said. "I love [working out for the job] because I'm definitely a lot more healthy than I would be otherwise."

When we asked about preparing for the upcoming Paris show, she said "I don't really feel pressure; I do my workouts, I do what I gotta do, I eat clean, and that's it. There's not any extra pressure there. I put pressure on myself because I like to get my workouts right [laughs]."

Hilbert also told us she loves what fitness does not only for her body, but for her mind as well. The 21-year-old dancer and skier-turned-model said, "Working out makes me feel good; it makes me less anxious, and is a stress reliever for me. You don't have to do certain things to look a certain way, it's just a healthy lifestyle you have to adapt to."

Hilbert's words paint a different picture of what the modeling world is like, given that models Erin Heatherton and Alessandra Ambrosio have recently spoken out about feeling pressure and stress from their modeling careers and the training that comes with it.