Once Upon a Time in 2000, Michael Jordan Played Peekaboo With 2-Year-Old Katie Ledecky

Once, long ago, in the year 2000, two GOATs crossed paths in the luxury suite of a Washington Wizards game. We're talking about basketball icon Michael Jordan and history-making swimmer Katie Ledecky, two indisputable best-ever athletes who, yes, just so happened to sit near each other at a basketball game two decades ago. (Ledecky was reportedly brought to the game by her uncle, then a part-owner of DC's NHL team along with Ted Leonsis, who owns the Wizards. Got all that?) In honor of the release of Jordan's docuseries The Last Dance, Ledecky unearthed some 20-year-old video footage that caught the interaction, and it's pure gold.

Jordan wanted to play peekaboo and Ledecky, enjoying some popcorn at the time, was not having it. Displaying the determination that would later help her win six Olympic medals, she continued to chow down even with the world's greatest basketball player getting in the way. "I can tell you one thing about Michael Jordan: he's a tough peek-a-boo player but he didn't stand a chance against my popcorn," Ledecky wrote on Twitter. Let that be a lesson to us all to never stand between an elite athlete and her meal, even if said elite athlete was 2 years old at the time, and even if the one standing in the way is, you know, a six-time champion himself.