These Brides Said "I Do" to Healthier Habits Before Their Weddings, and You Need to See Their Weight-Loss Transformations

Looking and feeling the best you can on your wedding day is what every bride wishes. From their dress to their hair and makeup look, brides-to-be can perfect their big day appearances months in advance. That's also true when it comes to a bride's weight and wedding dress size, if they so choose to change that. Many women have weight-loss goals before their big day, and their hard work and dedication pays off in more ways than one.

We found some of the best pre-wedding transformations that will leave you in awe, and have you saying "I do" to healthier lifestyle changes, too.

Kat's Before-and-After

Kat lost around 60 pounds before her big day and felt better than ever. Read about Kat here.

Schauna's Before-and-After

Schauna lost more than 125 pounds before her wedding, with her mom right by her side. Learn about her journey here.

Ally's Before-and-After

After five months of hard work, Ally lost more weight than she could have imagined. Read her story here.

Natasha's Before-and-After

Natasha lost 39 pounds and got her dress altered to perfection. See how she did it here.

Alyssa's Before-and-After

Alyssa's weight-loss transformation before her wedding changed her life. Learn more about her here.

Jordan's Before-and-After

Jordan went down about five sizes before her special day. See how she did it



Brittney's Before-and-After

Brittney decided to lose weight before her wedding, and her seamstress had to take in more than 10 inches on the waist of her dress! Read her story here.

Mary Jane's Before-and-After
Mary Jane O'Toole

Mary Jane's Before-and-After

Mary Jane and her husband lost more than 200 pounds together before their wedding. Read about their journey here.

Jillian's Before-and-After

The caption to this photo is, "The day I said 'yes' to the dress. 158 pounds. Right: The day I said 'I do.' 126 pounds." See more about Jillian's journey here.

Genny's Before-and-After

Genny wanted to be more defined before her big day, and she did just that. Read her story here.

Melissa's Before-and-After
Melissa Mountain

Melissa's Before-and-After

Melissa lost 60 pounds with the help of an app. Learn how she did it here.

Allison's Before-and-After

Allison noticed that her hard work paid off when she saw how defined her muscles had gotten. See her story here.

Cait's Before-and-After
Cait A.

Cait's Before-and-After

Before her wedding, Cait went from a size 10 dress to a size 2. Learn how she did it here.

Katherine's Before-and-After

Katherine went down three dress sizes before her big day. See how she did it here.

Hannah's Before-and-After

Hannah was determined to lose some weight before her wedding, and she was able to shed more than 10 pounds. Read more about her journey here.

Krystal's Before-and-After

Krystal went down 20 pounds before her wedding with the help of a healthier lifestyle. See more about her journey here.

Gabrielle's Before-and-After

Gabrielle lost 20 pounds before her big day and has never felt better. See how she did it here.

Lauren's Before-and-After
Lauren Levinson

Lauren's Before-and-After

Lauren changed her diet two weeks before her wedding to lose stubborn pounds. Read her story here.

Kim's Before-and-After

Kim lost 25 pounds in three months. See how she did it here.

Becky's Before-and-After

Becky wanted to lose weight before her wedding, and that's exactly what she did. See her story here.

Jordan's Before-and-After

Jordan started eating better before her wedding and lost 10 pounds. Learn more about her here.

Jess's Before-and-After
Jess Bettencourt

Jess's Before-and-After

Jess combined two popular workouts to get on top of her health. Read more about what she did here.

Kelly's Before-and-After

After losing 40 pounds, Kelly achieved her weight-loss goal. See her story here.

Lauren's Before-and-After

Lauren lost so much weight, she had to get her dress taken in around her stomach area. See how she did it here.

Morgan's Before-and-After

Morgan lost five pounds before her second dress fitting, and never felt so good. See her story here.

Jackie's Before-and-After

Jackie lost weight before her wedding to feel good in her dress, and she looked good, too! See how she did it here.

Jane's Before-and-After

Jane lost weight in her arms and stomach before her wedding by living a healthier life. See her journey here.

Jesika's Before-and-After

Jesika toned up before her wedding and felt fantastic. See how she did it here.