This Woman's Wedding Weight Loss Journey Will Inspire You to Get in the Gym ASAP

Look through the above gallery to see this bride's amazing transformation

If you're looking for a reason to avoid skipping the gym today, this weight loss story is just for you. Imgur user TeaInAWineBottle recently opened up about her inspiring weight loss journey after saying "I do!" to her husband 13 months ago. The bride recalled only "being told what a beautiful FACE I have" on her special day, which she says did not make her feel good.

"I spent the majority of my life being severely overweight. My turning point came on my wedding day; I felt disgusted after seeing the pictures and so began my journey," she wrote. "No nutritionist, no trainer, just pure drive and self hatred. I AM FINALLY HAPPY TO LOOK IN A MIRROR," she declared.

Since marrying her high school sweetheart, the bride says through "rigorous dieting and daily workouts," and even running in a marathon, she is now the smallest she has ever been. She also revealed her weight loss success has inspired her own mother, who weighs 600 pounds, to follow in her foot steps to getting healthy.

Her determination is a reminder that weight loss is all about putting in the hard work to see results. Flip through the gallery above to see why her story will likely inspire you, too.