Here's What a Week's Worth of Healthy Meal Prep Actually Looks Like

Meal prep can be overwhelming: planning out your meals for an entire week, all the grocery shopping, chopping veggies, firing up your oven and stovetop, and making big batches of sides to last you a few days, not to mention making sure you have enough storage containers and room in your fridge for all your meals and snacks. Luckily, Instagram user Amanda Meixner (@meowmeix) showed us what a week's worth of meals truly looks like with her before-and-after fridge post. And though it may take some work to put together, meal prep certainly doesn't have to be boring.

On the left, Amanda showed all of her "before" meal prep essentials including cauliflower, bell peppers, squash, chicken thighs, grass-fed lamb, and ground turkey. On the right, she showed the "after" of all her meals made and ready to eat. She used the ground turkey to make turkey salad in mason jars, the grass-fed lamb to make meals with lamb, purple cauliflower, squash, and tomatoes, and the chicken thighs to make meals with the chicken, green beans, and yellow cauliflower. She even added treats with her homemade paleo brownies, fresh berries, and bottles of gut-healthy GT's kombucha.

"Having a stocked fridge is the best feeling," she wrote in her caption. " Here's the before and after of my meal prep Sunday. This fridge will last me 5 days and make my week go even smoother."

Although it takes some planning and work to make a week's worth of meals in one day, it will end up saving so much time and money throughout the week. With some storage containers and creativity, you can have a well-stocked, aesthetically pleasing fridge that will last you a few days.