When You Feel Like Giving Up on Your Weight-Loss Journey, Read These Inspiring Memes


Sometimes you want to sleep in instead of making that 6 a.m. run. Sometimes you'd rather skip that after-work yoga class and veg on the couch with your two BFFS, Ben and Jerry. Sometimes eating 12 doughnuts for breakfast seems way more delicious than steel-cut oatmeal and egg whites (OK, that's not sometimes, it's all the time!). We hear you! We can't be 100 percent committed and perfectly on task toward our weight-loss and fitness goals all the time. On those days when you feel like throwing in the towel, here's the instant inspiration you're looking for to get back on those goals.

One day at a time.

Let it go and start anew.

What's your why?

What will you choose?

Be true to you.

Be patient!

All that hard work and dedication now will pay off later.

Don't stop. You got this!

The struggle is part of the process.

Keep up with your healthy habits, even when you don't feel like it.

Love this!

Each day brings you closer to your goals.

You're capable of so much; just believe in yourself.

Wow, that's so true.

Always keep those goals in mind.

Small steps are better than no steps.

Keep pushing to your goals.

A special message, just for you.