If You're Dairy-Free, This New Plant-Based Milk Is Going to Change Everything For You

If you're vegan, not a fan of dairy, or simply lactose intolerant, then get excited — we've made a pretty awesome discovery, and we think you're going to like it.

Of all the plant-based milks, it can be hard to choose one. Which has the most protein? Which goes best in coffee? Am I getting enough vitamin D? Does this even taste good? We hear ya, and so did the folks over at Ripple, the latest plant-based "milk" to hit the market.

Ripple is made from pea protein, organic sunflower oil, organic cane sugar, algal oil (for omega-3s), vitamins, and minerals. With eight grams of protein per serving, this alternative milk certainly packs a punch. Each flavor is vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and nut-free. The original flavor even has half the amount of sugar per serving as a glass of dairy milk (the unsweetened one, which we did not taste, has zero sugar).

We know what you're thinking — what does this stuff taste like? We'll let our taste test do the talking.


Calories: 100

Somewhat flavorless (on purpose!), this blend was like a cross between soy and almond milk. Comments included "tastes like cow/almond milk, which is the point, right?" and "tastes like the real thing." Our colleagues said, "I could drink this daily," and "good for cereal." The only negative comment was "really bland," which is true for all milk, no?



Calories: 135

The positive reviews overflowed for the vanilla Ripple. "I would put this in my coffee for sure! Love!" and "Awesome! Basically a melted milkshake" were some of our favorite responses. They also thought this would be "good for smoothies" and a "really good milk substitute." We plan on adding this to our coffee and smoothies ASAP.



Calories: 145

Also well loved was the chocolate Ripple, which was reminiscent of the dark chocolate Silk almond milk you can get at the grocery store. There was one suggestion that it would be "a tasty hot chocolate substitute" if heated up. "Delish!" "So good!" "Love this one!" "Perfectly sweet!" and "Really good!" were all the positive reviews, with negative ones being "Tastes like a protein shake" (makes sense), "Reminds me of SlimFast," and "Don't love the aftertaste." Despite some of these more critical reviews, this blend got the highest rating.