If You Think Bread Makes You Gain Weight, You Need to See This Photo

When it comes to cutting foods out of your diet, bread is almost always at the top of the list. And it's made sense: white bread (and carbs in general) has a bad reputation for its high glycemic index, which is why we've been trained to choose brown bread as an alternative. However, recent studies have shown that white and brown breads don't differ in their nutritional value as much as we think.

Online personal trainer Graeme Tomlinson posted a photo on Instagram shedding truth on whether bread makes you gain weight. His answer? It's not the bread; it's often what we slather on it. Because when do we ever just eat a plain slice of toast? As shown above, each slice of white and brown bread contains 95 calories. Once peanut butter and jam are added, the number of calories triples.

"Demonizing any food as one that will automatically make you gain fat by eating it, regardless of quantity, is quite frankly . . . a joke of a statement," he wrote in his caption. A calorie surplus makes you fat; not bread."

So don't be afraid of it!