In Love and Vying For Olympic Gold — Meet Ice Dancers Madison Chock and Evan Bates

Their love story will make your heart melt and make you fans of theirs as they compete in the 2018 Pyeongchang, South Korea, Winter Games. Team USA ice dancers Madison Chock and Evan Bates will hit the rink together for their second Olympic Games. After placing eighth in Sochi, Russia, in 2014, this time they are going for the gold. Here are eight things you need to know about the adorable couple, both on and off the ice!

They Have Both Been Skating From a Young Age

The Michigan-based partners have both been skating from a young age. Madison began skating at the age of 5 after watching it on television, and began ice dancing at the age of 12. Evan competed in his first show at the age of 5 and told NBC Olympics, "I remember being in my first ice show, dressed as a leprechaun. I was 5 years old and I was so nervous that I wet myself, right down my green pants. That certainly was not the moment that propelled me to dedicate my life to skating."

They First Went on a Date When She Was 16

Madison recently told NBC Olympics that the two first went on a date for her 16th birthday, but it wasn't until years later that they fell in love. They were coy about their relationship in the beginning but have recently opened up about their love. Evan told NBC Olympics, "I always had a special place in my heart for her, but it wasn't until we grew up and really grew into each other and fell in love, through skating." Madison says her partner is constantly inspiring her and told NBC Olympics, "It's almost like reading my favorite book, I can often see what he's thinking by a single look and other times he can still take me by surprise, especially with his creative ideas."

Evan Teaches in His Free Time

When not skating and training for the Olympics, Evan has a part-time job, working as an English tutor for students in China over the internet, according to NBC Olympics.

They Both Have Adorable Toy Poodles

Madison has a Phantom Toy Poodle named Henry, and Evan has a Toy Poodle named Stella. Both adorable dogs are heavily featured on their Instagram accounts and receive a lot of love from their owners.

Madison's Full Name Is Madison La'akea Te-Lan Hall Chock

Madison father is of Chinese-Hawaiian descent and her middle name La'akea means "sacred light from heaven" and Te-Lan (特蘭) means "special or unique orchid."

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Evan Plays Guitar

One of Evan's favorite things to do off the ice is to play guitar, he told NBC Olympics. Not only does he play them, but he says he has built a Telecaster guitar and has been collecting them since middle school. He currently has nine guitars and a ukelele.

Madison Is an Artist

Madison also puts hard work in off the ice, when it comes to designing her competition costumes. She also says she loves to draw in her free time and told NBC Olympics, "Drawing, sketching, and painting are my favorite things to do when I'm feeling colorful or inspired."

They Love Yoga

The two enjoy doing a lot of things together off the ice, and one of their favorites is yoga. "We love doing yoga and gyro tonics in our free time," Madison told NBC Olympics. "It's a relaxing way to still challenge your body but in a more soothing and healing way."

For more info, visit Team USA. The Winter Olympics will air live beginning Feb. 8.