Experts Say That Being Single Is Actually Good For Your Health

Society has been touting the idea that marriage is the key to health and happiness for as long as marriage has existed. Justifying your single status to Uncle Mike at the family reunion again can get exhausting. But numerous studies have debunked the idea that your coupled counterparts have it better. As millennials, we're fine with waiting to tie the knot — and now we have the science to support our dinner-for-one lifestyles. Here are just a few studies to prove marriage doesn't have to be your greatest ambition.

Single People Exercise More

This isn't to say that those in relationships don't exercise (we're talking to you, gym couples), but studies show that those who are married exercise less and weigh more than those who are single. This has to do in part with the amount of long work hours and family time married individuals often face.

Single People Sleep Better

Who needs a partner when you can get a good night's sleep? Parinaz Samimi, MPH, MBA, health and wellness expert for Mattress Firm, said, "One issue that disturbs our sleep is bed-sharing. Regardless of who you share your bed with, it is inevitable that movement and sound can wake you from an otherwise restful sleep." And since sleep is crucial to all aspects of our health, it's no wonder good sleep results in better health.

Single People Are Independent and Emotionally Healthy

Finally, a day where the idea of being an "independent woman who doesn't need a man" is backed by science! Studies show that singles are more independent than those who are married. Plus, being single not only helps your physical health but also your emotional health. Christie Tcharkhoutian, a marriage and family therapist, said, "Being single provides an opportunity to experience true empowerment and a sense of control over your life and emotions, independent of another's behavior and life choices."

Jenny Taitz, author of How to Be Single and Happy, said it best: "You can live with happiness and fulfillment, with or without being in a committed relationship." It's time to break down the outdated adage that marriage is the only way to guarantee health and happiness in life for everyone.