I Haven't Weighed Myself in More Than 2 Years, and It's Empowering

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POPSUGAR Photography | Sheila Gim
POPSUGAR Photography | Sheila Gim

I haven't stepped on a scale in more than two years — and I'm certain I've gained weight. Honestly, I'm not sure why I just haven't thrown that stupid thing away yet. I've never been one to weigh myself often anyway. And now that I've sworn off it completely, I can tell you that it's pretty empowering.

I'm not going to let that number on the scale define me. I'm much more than that.

You see, the last time I weighed myself I had recently run a half marathon. I felt thin, and curious, so I stepped on the scale. At the time, I was running at least 20 miles a week and cross-training, too. But since then, I've started working much more and life has gotten in the way of my running. However, I still make sure to stay fit. I do HIIT workouts, Pilates, and other forms of exercise about four times per week. No, I'm not burning as many calories due to the lack of cardio, but I'm still in rather decent shape — and my self-confidence is just as high as it was when I was thinner.

Because you know what? I'm not going to let that number on the scale define me. It means nothing to me, and I'm much more than that. I'm a good mother, an educator, a writer, a wife, a daughter, a friend, and more. I give myself to others and I work hard at everything I do. Just because I don't care about the number on the scale, doesn't mean that I'm going to let myself go. But I'm also not going to cry over gaining some weight.

You may be wondering: How does she know she's gained weight if she hasn't weighed herself? I can answer that one easily — a girl just knows. My jeans feel a little tighter, and a couple pairs just don't fit anymore. When I discovered that, I didn't go on some lame crash diet to make them fit again, either. I simply waltzed to the store to buy a new pair of jeans, a size bigger. Just like the number on the scale, I'm not going to let the one that hangs on a tag inside my jeans drive my self-worth.

The fact that I'm still active and strong helps my confidence. It's empowering to know that despite what size my body is, I'm still healthy. If I'm being honest, I'll admit that there have been days when I've been curious about just how much weight I've gained. For some people, I know that the scale can serve as a reminder and motivator. But avoiding it is much better for my mental well-being.

I know that weighing less doesn't equate to being stronger, healthier, or even more attractive. So, I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing — making the best choices I can every day, hoping that in the long run it will serve my body best — no matter what the scale should say.