I'm a Trainer, and This Is Why I Always Work Out in the Morning (Nope, Not to Burn Fat)

I wouldn't say that I enjoy waking up early to work out, but I know one thing for sure: if I don't, the workout will never happen. Some people work out in the morning for an extra metabolism boost (sorry, but that doesn't actually work), and others work out first thing to burn more fat in a fasted state. My reason has nothing to do with my physique; I simply wake up early to work out because I have more energy and I'm more motivated in the morning.

Not going to lie: waking up early is not easy, and there are many times when I want to ignore my alarm. Every time I hit snooze or reset my alarm for an hour later, telling myself I'll go to the gym or run in the evening, it never happens. I'm too tired, I'm too hungry, I've had a long day, my favorite show is coming on, I have to reply to emails . . . the list goes on.

Completing my workouts in the morning also makes me feel more productive. I feel like I've gained a few extra hours in my day. Training in the morning also means there's enough time for my brain and body to fully wake up. On occasion, I'll wake up 45 minutes before I need to leave my apartment, and it never works in my favor. It's guaranteed that I'll forget something really important, I'll hate my outfit, I'll feel groggy, and my brain will be all over the place.

Giving myself an extra couple of hours in the morning to get everything going allows me to start my day a little more slowly and deliberately; but more importantly, it helps me feel more prepared to take on the day and makes me feel my best. I know working out early may not be for everyone, but if you're struggling to get your workouts done or just need more time to get your day going, I suggest trying it. If it doesn't work, go back to what you were doing before!