The Winter Workout You'll Do Over and Over Again

POPSUGAR Photography | Diggy Lloyd
POPSUGAR Photography | Diggy Lloyd

Winter makes us want to hibernate, eat warm comfort foods, and stay indoors. But Winter is so much more than seeking refuge indoors. Why not take your workout outside to enjoy all the beauty of snowy wonderland weather?

Cold Weather Training

If you're outdoors and exercising, you're way ahead of the game. According to research cited in a 2014 study, "Frequent mild cold exposure can significantly affect our energy expenditure over sustained time periods." What does that mean for you? Getting some activity outside is going to help you burn more calories.

Should I Run?

Running outdoors is always great, but it has its own special hazards in cold weather. Aside from often slippery conditions due to inclement weather, you need to consider that there is a temperature at which you shouldn't be out running. What is that magic number? Dr. Armin Tehrany, MD, top New York City orthopedic surgeon and founder of Manhattan Orthopedic Care, told POPSUGAR that -17°F is the cutting-off point because it can potentially damage your health and leave you susceptible to frostbite and joint pain.

Can I Strength Train in the Snow?

Yes! You can definitely strength train in the snow! According to Kendall Wood, CSCS and coauthor of Core Fitness Solution, "Outdoor Winter training can often push you to do your best workout because it takes you out of the comfort of the gym and into the real world, where you harness more muscles and make your body work that much harder."

But before you grab a couple of dumbbells and start curling your way down the block, you need to realize that working out in your backyard is much different than working out inside. Wood told us to focus on bodyweight moves like "lunges, squats, push-ups, and burpees" and high-intensity movements like "high kicks, shadow boxing, and jumping or running in place."

Your Winter Workout

We asked Wood for a sample circuit you can perform in cold weather conditions that will help you burn calories and take in all the glory of the season, and he provided us with the following circuit you can perform twice, back to back. He also cautioned to stay hydrated and mindful of your location to ensure you have the proper space and traction to get your sweat on. Enjoy!

    Warmup: Jogging in place (60 seconds)

    Alternating forward lunges (30 seconds)

    Squats (30 seconds)

    Push-ups (30 seconds)

    Burpees (30 seconds)

    High knees (60 seconds)

    Cooldown: Running in place (30 seconds)