1 Woman Gets Real About Thigh Gaps: "You Don't Need Negative Space to Be Valued"

There's a wealth of body positivity all over social media these days, and one of our favorite additions to the movement comes from YouTuber Kenzie Brenna. Known on Instagram as omgkenzieee, the vlogger regularly posts on social media about her journey to self-love as she recovered from an eating disorder. One of Kenzie's latest posts tackles a rather hot topic that's gaining traction yet again in light of Summer: "the dreaded thigh gap."

She recently shared two photos of herself on Instagram — one that captures her body from the side and second that shows off her so-called "mermaid thighs" in all their glory — along with a powerful caption that sums up our thoughts on the topic. "You don't need negative space to be valued," she began. Kenzie admitted that she used to want to "take up less space in the world," but she soon realized that wasn't a healthy goal. "Turns out my body isn't made out of plastic parts and I couldn't transfer fat from my thighs to my boobs or ass."

The vlogger went on to make five empowering declarations aimed at all who may think their bodies don't fill the seemingly omnipresent "status quo" that society makes us believe in. "You're allowed to take up space in the world," she wrote. "You're allowed to have knocked knees and big thighs. You're allowed to gain weight. You're allowed to not just have weight gain in the 'acceptable' places. You're allowed to not fit into the status quo and still feel fly as f*ck."

Can we get a "hell yes"? Keep spreading that positivity, Kenzie!