You Won't Believe a Stranger's Comment to This Woman About Her Weight

During a time when we all desperately need to accept one another, there are smaller occurrences that remind us that shaming doesn't stop at sexual orientation, religion, or gender. And often, attacking someone's body image can cut deeper and more personally. One woman from Texas named Brynne Huffman took to Facebook to urge women to stop hating one another after a particular experience.

She explained how she decided to run errands wearing a white blouse, flip flops, and mid-thigh denim shorts that "took some courage to both purchase and wear." Aware that she wasn't fully confident about her legs because of cellulite, she went about her day in them anyway. While running her second errand at the post office, however, a stranger made the most awful comment to her. "'Your hair really is amazing.' ::cocks head to side:: 'You should probably rethink the shorts though.'"

Give us a moment to pick our jaw up from the floor.

The stranger, ironically, was wearing a shirt that said "Coexist," which caused Brynne to respond, "You should probably rethink your shirt."

Furious about what the woman said and how her words made her want to go home and change, Brynne simply turned around and ignored her. After retelling her story on Facebook, she added:

"You might have an issue with my body. I don't. And I've worked very hard past judgmental family and friends, past divorce, past depression to NOT have an issue with my body.

Women. Do not tear each other down.

Celebrate each other."

Read the entire post above, which was featured on Love What Matters' Facebook page, to learn exactly what happened.