Differences Between Working Out in Your 20s and Your 30s

POPSUGAR Photography | Benjamin Stone
POPSUGAR Photography | Benjamin Stone

When you hit the 30-year mark, it not only means more candles on your birthday cake than someone in their 20s, but it majorly affects your workouts as well. Give a little nod or chuckle (or shed a little tear) if you can relate to these.


Workout Motivation:
20s: To look cute and because it's fun.
30s: Because none of my jeans zip and so I don't get some horrible disease and die.

Types of Workouts
20s: I'm all about fun, fast, challenging, and crazy!
30s: How about something simple with the least risk of injury?

Workout Attire:
20s: The wilder the better!
30s: Basic and black (and boring).


Who we're chasing:
20s: Wearing my cutest top so I can chase that cute guy at the gym.
30s: Doing sprinting intervals so I can chase after my kids.

Getting Dolled Up:
20s: I'd rather die than show up at the gym without a full face of makeup and my hair done all pretty.
30s: Yay, I actually remembered my hair tie!

20s: My sneakers are a few years old, who cares?
30s: Without my brand new sneaks and arch-supporting insoles, my plantar fasciitis really acts up.


Length of Workout:
20s: Sure I'll take two classes in a row. I've got nowhere to be.
30s: Get in, get out, nobody talk to me, just gotta get it done!

20s: Wake up for 90 minutes of hot yoga, take a three-hour hike, then follow it with a SoulCycle class!
30s: I think I can squeeze in 20 minutes of a Jillian Michaels video.

Class Timing:
20s: Get to class early to meet my BFF and to get the best spot.
30s: I barely make it there on time but am typically five minutes late.


Weight Loss:
20s: I walked my dog wearing yoga pants. Phew, what a great workout!
30s: At least four workouts a week are a must if I want to just maintain my weight.

20s: Wow, I can touch past my toes!
30s: If I try to fold in half my back will literally break in half.

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20s: I'm wearing two sports bras for added support.
30s: I'll pay any amount of money for a bra that'll make my sagging boobs look as perky as they did in my 20s.

20s: I better get a manicure so my hands look pretty in Down Dog.
30s: Who cares about my nails? Yoga better help my arthritis.

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20s: What can I do to make my butt look smaller?
30s: Bigger the better. Bring on the squats!

20s: Leisurely hit the sauna, take a long shower, then meet up with friends for a splurging dinner out.
30s: Bolt out as soon as the class is over to relieve my significant other or sitter.

Post-Workout Fuel:
20s: Let's head out for a beer, 'cause whatevs!
30s: Love me my homemade energy ball and coconut water.


20s: What's DOMS?
30s: Ughhh, DOMS, why do you feel so close to a hangover?!?

20s: Check out my biceps. I just joined CrossFit.
30s: Check out my biceps! I just had a baby.


20s: A morning romp in the hay totally counts as a workout.
30s: I work out just so I don't hurt myself having sex.

20s: I'm a little hungover, but I'll work out anyway.
30s: I work out just so I can drink more wine.