3 Tips For Sculpting a Better Backside

Want a better butt? These tips from Self will get you there.


We've got sculpting moves that use dumbbells, a medicine ball and just your bodyweight. We also tapped the trainer behind the program, Crystal Stein, American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness Specialist, Level 1 Precision Nutrition coach and a Tier 3+ trainer at Equinox in NYC, for her three simple tips that deliver ultimate (head-turning) results.

  1. Play with tempo: Vary the speed of the exercise including immediately moving to the next rep versus pausing for a few seconds at the bottom. Or try going extra slow while lowering, keeping a steady pace throughout all reps or exploding up into a plyometric version. Constantly switch it up to keep your mind and body guessing.
  2. Squeeze it: Contract glutes as hard as you can (imagine really squeezing them) throughout the exercises to keep your muscles engaged and working.
  3. Vary the range of motion and weight: With exercises like squats and lunges you can go deep (aiming to get thighs parallel to floor), stop halfway or use quarter movements. And change up the weight you use (and adjust reps and set accordingly) to avoid a plateau or burnout.