When I Suffer From Cold and Sinus Pain, This Yoga Video Makes Me Feel 10 Times Better

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Like many of you I'm sure, I've had all types of colds: head colds, barky-cough colds, colds that seem to never end even when my trash bin is full to the brim with tissue box number four and it's my fifth day of drugstore medication. It's a lot. I've picked up yoga in the past year, and I've discovered that it not only lifts my spirits and challenges my core, but it also temporarily relieves the pain that comes with these won't-quit colds, especially when my sinuses are flaring up.

One yoga video I've seen great success in using is Yoga With Adriene's 10-minute "Yoga For Neck, Shoulders, and Upper Back." Her YouTube channel offers a wide range of easy-to-follow flows for nearly everything: period cramps, self-care, weight loss, and more. Videos specifically intended for when you're sick do exist on her page, though this sequence does the trick despite not being advertised as "sick day" yoga. It's a short yet effective way to loosen tightness through seated neck stretches, arm circles, and movements that draw your shoulders back far (don't worry, it feels good).

The flow doesn't cure sinus pressure — you'll need time and, in severe cases, antibiotics for that — but it tends to my discomfort in a way that meds can't, and it's just another piece to the recovery equation. I'm on the tail end of a nasty virus even as I write this, and I'm happy to report that Adriene's video eased my throbbing sinus and ear pain last night before bed. Find the 10-minute yoga flow above, and keep combating that cold like the true warrior you are (with a little help from Adriene).

Added bonus: the video can also work as a quick segment if you've been harboring stress in your upper body; you don't need to be sick. Another bonus: the video features Adriene's dog, Benji. If you liked this, it's also worth checking out her flows for headaches and migraines.