You've heard of lab-grown gemstones. But how would you feel about lab-grown meat? A group of scientists from Eindhoven University in the Netherlands have succeeded in culturing pork in a petri dish. Researchers extracted cells from the muscle of a live pig, then incubated them in a nutrient-rich solution, creating a sticky tissue that's being described as a "soggy form of pork."

There are still challenges to overcome — like how to achieve a firm consistency — but scientists believe an in-vitro meat breakthrough will happen and processed meat products could be manufactured from lab meat in as little as five years.

Cultured meat has the potential to reduce billions of tons of greenhouse gases emitted every year by farm animals. PETA even acknowledged, "If meat is no longer a piece of a dead animal, there's no ethical objection." But I disagree. In addition to blurring the lines between natural and artificial, something like cultured pork would complicate the ethics of eating meat, complicate vegetarianism, and create even more meat labeling problems. Would you buy a beaker-bred burger?