Each Easter, since 1994, every state has sent a decorated egg to the White House. The eggs are created by artists from across the US and are decorated to represent each of the 50 states (plus one for DC). The collection is coordinated by the American Egg Board and this year there's a tiny bit of controversy. When the eggs were unveiled this week, everyone got to see them all, including the Wyoming state egg. Unlike other state eggs, which were decorated by state artists, American Egg Board had the Wyoming egg decorated by Phillip M. LeDonne, the son of an "administrative person" at the board, because they "couldn't locate a Wyoming egg artist."

I don't know about you guys, but this sounds like a pretty lame excuse. Also, check out the quality of the Wyoming egg in comparison to the others. This is California's egg on the left, designed by Jimmy Hasko. LeDonne's egg is on the right.

Camelia El-Antably, deputy manager of the Wyoming Arts Council had this to say:

We're disappointed that we were not contacted to be asked to help find an artist who could represent our state, and we hope in the future to have an artist that can represent Wyoming.

You can check out the White House's webpage to see the rest of the 2007 State Easter Eggs.

Source: ABC News via Neatorama