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10 Favorite Finds From the Fancy Food Show

Jan 19 2011 - 1:06pm

The Fancy Food Show [1] is a giant food industry trade show that happens twice a year. The Winter event takes place in San Francisco and thus, we've spent the past two days eating our way through the whole thing. While there are plenty of trends to discuss (stay tuned for those!), our favorite part of the show are the mind-blowing bites and intriguing sips that we found as we wound our way around the Moscone Center [2]. Pepperoni pesto? Spicy Spanish guindillas? Goat's milk caramels? Keep reading for all our delicious discoveries!

Pepperoni Pesto

The people at Bear Pond Farm [3] are geniuses! They came up with this to-die-for pepperoni pesto. It's a chunky spread that consists of sun-dried tomatoes, pepperoni, and spices. If you come across it at the market, buy it.

Elderflower Sparkling Water

If you think flavored sparkling waters are overly sweet and not worth the calories, Duchess of Rutland's elderflower and rose bubbly will have you thinking twice. This floral nonalcoholic sipper was one of our favorite things at the show. It would be ideal to serve at a bridal or baby shower.


Meet the guindilla (pronounced gen-di-ya), Spain's spicy pickled pepper. It has a taste that's similar to a pepperoncini, but it's slightly spicier!

All-Beef Hot Dogs

Snake River Farms [4]' all-beef frankfurters were so good, after we walked away from their stand, we turned and had to go back for more. With their thick plumpness and elastic snap, each bite coats the mouth with juicy and scrumptious fat.

Maple Syrup Infused With Ice Wine

Maple is going to be a big flavor in 2011, and this ice-wine-infused Canadian maple syrup from Jakeman's [5] was amazing. It was thick and rich, but light, and not overly sweet.

Tabasco Chocolate

Tabasco-sauce-infused spicy chocolate. It was amazing. Enough said!

Palate Cleanser

We ate cheese for 20 minutes straight with no liquids, and everything started to taste the same. Had we come across SanTásti [6], a palate-cleansing flavorless beverage that has a texture of thick water, earlier in the day, we would have been much better tasters! This clever water hopes to become a wine tasting room fixture.

Bloody Mary Mix

Normally we're skeptical of premade nonalcoholic mixers, but McClure's spicy bloody Mary [7] mixer tastes like a homemade blend of chunky tomatoes, fiery horseradish, and spicy black peppercorns. It will be on the menu of our next tailgate!

Black Pepper Blue Cheese Butter

It's super easy to make a compound flavored butter at home, so we commend the smart folks at Bettah Butter [8] for marketing it as a product. While there were several varieties, our favorite was the Black Peppah Blue Cheese butter; it begged for a thick, medium-rare grilled steak.

Goat's Milk Caramels

Smooth, creamy, and wonderfully chewy, Happy Goat's caramels [9] are made from goat's milk. They taste distinctly different from regular caramels with a richer, more caramely flavor that brings to mind dulce de leche.

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