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Absolut Brooklyn Cocktail Recipe

Berry Tempting: Cherry Esplanade

The brand Absolut is known for its interesting advertising campaigns and wide variety of vodka flavors. The latest addition to the Absolut roster? Absolut Brooklyn, a blend of red apple and ginger with a special bottle designed by Spike Lee. I recently got my hands on Brooklyn and asked the mixologists at Absolut to create a cocktail that involves fresh cherries. The resulting recipe is a delightful blend of fruity and floral flavors. Alone the vodka has a decidedly candy-apple-ish taste, but in this cocktail, it's mellowed with fresh cherry juice and elderflower liqueur. A generous splash of soda water gives the libation a refreshing quality. It's the sort of drink that would be wonderful while sitting on a front stoop in Brooklyn on a hot day. To check out the exclusive recipe, keep reading.

Cherry Esplanade

From Absolut

Absolut Brooklyn Cocktail Recipe 2010-06-11 11:34:51


  1. 1 ½ ounces Absolut Brooklyn
    2 ounces tart cherry juice (unsweetened)
    ¾ ounce St. Germain elderflower liqueur
    1 ½ oz soda water
    2 dashes orange bitters
    lemon wheel and fresh cherry, optional for garnish


  1. In a cocktail shaker, combine Absolut Brooklyn, cherry juice, and elderflower liqueur. Shake and strain into a Collins glass filled with ice.
  2. Top with soda and two dashes of orange bitters. Garnish with a lemon wheel and fresh cherry, if desired.

Makes 1 drink.





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