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Empty bottles, half eaten appetizers, bottle caps, used napkins, and cookie crumbs. There is natural disarray that occurs after any sort of party. While some mishaps (shattered wine glasses, candle wax on the tablecloth, spills on the carpet) are unpreventable, there are some messes that can be avoided with the proper planning. To minimize the clean up after the party,

  • Try to keep your kitchen organized from week to week. Take the extra ten minutes each day to put plates, glasses, and cookware in their specified places.
  • If hosting a large party fill several large plastic tubs with hot, soapy water. During the party place dirty dishes in here (instead of stacking them up in the sink) where they can soak for several hours. After the party, dishes can be rinsed and placed in the dishwasher.
  • Designate a place for dirty glasses so they won't be knocked over. If you have the room, lay stemware on its side in a large roasting pan lined with dish towels.
  • If hosting a dinner party, quickly scrape the first course plates clean and place in the sink before serving the main course. Do not turn the dishwasher on in the middle of your meal, it will be loud and may cause discomfort among your guests.
  • Start the party out with an empty bag in your garbage and recycling bins. If it becomes too full ask your husband, boyfriend, or trusted friend to quietly take the trash out.
  • It's 2006, recycle all bottles, cans, and glass.
  • If a guest offers to help clean up, let them help you!
  • Once the party is over it's tempting to want to crawl into bed, but if you have the energy turn on the TV or your favorite dance mix and get the cleanup done now. The mess will only be harder to clear once it has sat all night and all morning. You'll be glad you cleaned up the night before when you wake up rested the following morning to a spotless house.
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