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Ahhh, Sugar, Sugar

On today's date 38 years ago, the song "Sugar, Sugar" by The Archies was the Number 1 hit in America. This being the Sugar Network, I thought it would be appropriate to provide you with a few fun facts about, yep you guessed it, sugar!

  • Some people believe that dry swallowing 1 teaspoon of sugar can cure the hiccups.
  • Sugar is 100% natural with no fat.
  • Sugar is one of the oldest cooking ingredients, dating back to 326 BC.
  • Sugar cane was introduced to the New World in 1493 by Christopher Columbus.
  • In 2001, scientists discovered sugar in outer space.
  • Sugar is the only taste that humans are born craving.
  • Before 1899, sugar was crudely sold from barrels. The sugar industry was revolutionized when it was first packed in cartons.
  • Sugar has many uses outside of the kitchen: it's one of the most important components of medicine, it's used to slow down the setting of cement, it plays a role in leather tanning and paper dying, and prolongs the life of fresh cut flowers.

Got a fun fact about sugar that I forgot to mention? Please share it with us below!

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