Alex was asked to "pack his knives and go" on this week's episode of Top Chef, and I have to admit, I really had no opinion of the Los Angeles-based chef.

However, I spoke to him over the phone yesterday and found out that he is happily enjoying his life as a newlywed. To see what Alex had to say about the Euros, the judges, and his creme brulee,


On neither Fabio or Stefan winning: I think they both have big egos and that's probably going to kill them. In the end, they will cancel each other out. Eventually they are going to go at it. You can't have two big egos together for a long time. They will explode. There are a couple people who are great chefs who can really show off their skills on the show, but they don't have egos. At this point, I always said Jamie was my favorite chef, I think she has the most talent out of everybody. I like her a lot. I think the people with the smallest egos will last the longest.

On Tom's "Top Chef is about winning" comment: Obviously I was kicked off, so maybe he is right. Top Chef is not about who is the best chef or who can cook the best. It's about who can make the best decisions. A lot of the food I make takes a long time, I love braising. On the show I was totally out of my element. You have to make good decisions to win. But to me, it was never about winning. It was about having fun and learning more. I am still kind of 50/50 on that comment. He made a good point. The show is about winning. I knew I could have played it safe, I could make a salad, but I chose not to be safe. It was a bad decision. Ariane did the smartest thing, she made the right decision.

On his wedding: I got married Aug. 24. It was everything we hoped it would be. My bride is awesome. I can't complain about that. That was a big thing with the show, I was constantly thinking about the wedding. I didn't have my suit finalized, I didn't have my vows written. My wife is the one who forced me to go on the show. I really didn't want to be on the show. I don't like being a public guy. She was like, "you have to do it, I will take care of the wedding." She was very supportive. She's an entertainer, so she knows chances like these don't come very often.

On creme brulee: My issue was the timing. I knew the flavor of the creme brulee was good. It just didn't set. I made a poor judgment call. Maybe I should have picked something that took a short time, but I wanted to do creme brulee.

On the judges: I love Tom. Tom's awesome. Out of all the celebrity chefs, Tom's the real deal. He's a very successful chef. I have a lot of respect for Tom. Padma? She's Padma. She's beautiful, stunning, everything people say about her is true. I was like, "Hello, Padma!" Rocco? He's nice. To be honest, I'm not a big Rocco fan. He just doesn't float my boat as a chef. He is good at what he does — public appearances — but I can't imagine him sweating behind the line and going through a 12-hour day. He is almost too good looking for that. When I first saw him, I was a little disappointed. I wanted to see a real New York chef who is still in the restaurant business.