Every Wednesday, most major US newspapers include a food section in their daily lineup. To ensure that you're not missing out on anything, I'll keep up with it all and bring you links to some of my favorite stories.

  • It shocks me to hear that one of my favorite chef's Chef Daniel Boulud is being accused of discrimination in his kitchen. However, it seems like the problem doesn't end in Boulud's kitchen. - The New York Times (photo by Fred R. Conrad)
  • If only we were all so lucky to be able to
    barbecue in the winter. - Los Angeles Times
  • Discover the exotic citrus variety Buddha's Hand - Chicago Tribune
  • With fewer people baking at home, more and more bakeries keep opening. - The Boston Globe
  • Tasty reads about old-fashioned, comfy dishes to help escape the cold weather. - The Seattle Times
  • If you want to keep those healthy New Year's resoulutions, you may want to avoid eating in the Bay Area where fried chicken is making a comeback. - San Francisco Chronicle
  • Speaking of unhealthy, seems that no matter what we do, we just can't stop our love affair with bacon. - Houston Chronicle