Alton Brown Opens Up
Alton Brown Opens Up

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend Alton Brown's demonstration at the NYC Wine and Food Festival. The demo was a part of a Kidz Kitchen series, so the studio was packed with aspiring young cooks.

In person, Brown — who's a bit weary-looking with longer, shaggy hair — is comical, scientific, and jokingly insulting. Watching a chef cook live is an interesting experience, especially when they answer the audience members' questions.

To get up close and personal with Alton Brown and find out what he had to say,


His advice for wannabe chefs: Invest in a pair of good shoes and have a family of wealth. Chefs are on their feet all day and don't make much money for their grueling effort.

Favorite Good Eats episode: Not surprisingly, it's an episode that has yet to air. Brown promoted his show, which recently shot its 200th episode and encouraged the audience to check out the upcoming Halloween special. The episode has a Sweeney Todd theme and looks at meat pies. It was Brown's favorite to shoot because he taped the entire show with a fake British accent.How his life changed after being on the Food Network: He upgraded his level of personal hygiene. For example, he no longer picks his nose while driving. He's afraid someone will catch him doing it and take a picture!

His favorite thing to make: "What I'm about to make!"

What's next for the Feasting series? While no finalized plans have been determined, Brown says they are considering doing either train or air travel (Brown is a pilot) for the next season of Feasting.

Does he consider himself a scientist?: No he doesn't. Brown thinks of himself as a science buff, but he doesn't wear a white coat or work in a laboratory.

What do you think of Alton Brown? Have you ever been to one of his demonstrations?

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