Alton Brown fans rejoice, he and the Food Network have just announced a new three-year deal. This means there will be new seasons of Good Eats (yay!) and he will continue to host Iron Chef America. When asked about the deal, Alton had this to say:

Food Network is my home and I am staying home. I'm looking forward to producing more and varied shows with the network and am especially excited about Feasting on Waves, which will bring a whole new perspective to food.

That's right, AB will be back this Summer with a new version of his popular summer travel show Feasting on Asphalt, only this time he'll be in the Caribbean and will be Feasting on Waves. He'll be on the deck of a boat, diving, fishing, and doing whatever it takes to find good eats. They're paying him to do this? No wonder he's sticking around for three more years!