Sneak Peek: Nintendo's America's Test Kitchen Game

Yesterday in San Francisco, Nintendo held its Q1 Media Summit and announced the new release of its Nintendo DSi XL. Among its latest games? Let's Get Cooking, a new title courtesy of the most persnickety culinary geeks in the biz, America's Test Kitchen. Let's Get Cooking doesn't launch in American stores until Mar. 28, but I had a hands-on sneak preview of the new program. Hear what I thought of it after the jump.

The title offers step-by-step instructions for 300 America's Test Kitchen recipes. You can search by cook time, ingredients, or even calorie content. Family-friendly software prompts you to key in who's cooking, so everyone, from children to adults, can be involved in the cooking process. (Kids will only be directed to fulfill age-appropriate kitchen tasks that don't require knives or stovetop skills.) Home cooks can make the most of their hands by giving voice commands to move onto the next recipe step. And if multiple people in your kitchen have Nintendo DS systems, you can wirelessly transmit recipes to them. And once you've made recipes, you can rate them, note how many times you've made them, and let other family members know what you'd like to make in the future.

For any experienced home cook, this program will be unnecessary. Many of the recipes, like Cheesy Garlic Bread or Blueberry Cobbler, are so basic they're pretty foolproof to begin with. If I wanted to take advantage of the brand's renowned kitchen-tested recipes, I'd buy the cookbook, which is much cheaper than the $190 DSi XL. But if you're hoping to teach a family of beginner cooks who love technology, you'll be impressed by the capabilities of Let's Get Cooking. Have you ever tried a cooking program on a gaming device?

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