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Is Anthony Bourdain Right About The Next Food Network Star?

I've been waiting for this since the premiere of The Next Food Network Star: Anthony Bourdain's opinion of the latest Food Network reality installment.

Naturally he starts off complaining about the show:

Minimally talented wannabe cooks of negligible to moderate experience compete to become "Celebrity Chefs" based on a focus group-like criteria of "likability."

He then determines who could win and who couldn't, explaining how Food Network doesn't let people with accents, leadership, healthy food agendas, or flat personalities in. He does all this with a great amount of disgust. However, in his next post he has completely changed his mind and is now in love with the show!

I LOVE this show! It's brutal (if often accidental) honesty.. it's unflinching lifting of the rock and all the naked, wriggly, ugly and needy ambitions it reveals. Magnificent!

Sure there's still a truckload of snarkiness in his post, but it makes me giggle thinking that Bourdain is also sitting around on Sunday night watching NFNS. If you're a fan of either Food Network or Anthony Bourdain, be sure to check out his full ramblings. And then once you do come back and tell me, do you agree with Bourdain's comments?

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