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April 21, 2009: Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's Celebrates 31 Years With Free Cones

If your weather's been unseasonably hot like it is here in San Francisco, you might be looking for ways to stay cool. Look no further than Ben & Jerry's, where tomorrow stores will be giving away free ice cream cones in honor of the chain's 31st birthday.

There's no coupon required: Simply walk into your closest B&J's anytime between noon and 8 p.m., scope out a choice flavor, and be on your merry way.

Now onto important decisions: Shall I stick with the classic Phish Food, or check out the newfangled Mission to Marzipan? What free flavor will you be hitting up?


aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
I wish I had one near me!
mlen mlen 8 years
i just has my chocolate therapy! there was no line either
emalove emalove 8 years
There's a Ben & Jerry's down the street from the beach house my family rents on Cape Cod...I love going there in the summer! I have my favorite flavors, but I try to mix it up and try new ones too!
Rancher'sGirl Rancher'sGirl 8 years
Sometimes I miss being near a Ben and Jerry's, but perhaps it's for the best...I would be consuming waaay too much Maple Grape Nut! ;)
snarkypants snarkypants 8 years
every ben and jerry's in my town closed down :(
greenapples1987 greenapples1987 8 years
sounds yummy, but no thanks. i no plans for tomorrow, so i don't plan on leaving the house, i'll just relax and have some ice cream from our freezer:)
fleurfairy fleurfairy 8 years
Phish Food is my favorite ice cream flavor of all time.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
too bad it's FREEZING cold here in NYC - so the thought of ice cream - even if it's free isn't nearly as appealing
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
Ooo, that Mission to Marzipan sounds yummy! I love anything almond flavored.
ella1978 ella1978 8 years
I'm just imagining how long the lines will be for a tiny cone!!!
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