Fast-food chain Arby's has been wooing Wendy's for nearly a year, and it looks like it's finally paid off. The courtship ended with Arby's parent company Triac buying Wendy's for a $2.34 billion all-stock deal. The outcome has created the nation's third largest fast-food chain. There is talk of keeping them run independently, but there's been no official word.

So what does Wendy think about all this? (If you don't know, Wendy was the nickname for founder Dave Thomas's daughter Melinda Lou.) It doesn't sound like she's happy at all. Her sister, Pam Thomas Farber, said:

She's feeling horrible. She just is devastated. It's a very sad day for Wendy's, and our family. We just didn't think this would be the outcome.

I can imagine why the family is so bummed. Dave Thomas was the face of the company for so long, it must be awkward to see it all fall apart. So tell me, do you care about this? If your Wendy's becomes an Arby's, will it matter to you?