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Axe Chocolate Cologne: Love It or Hate It?

Axe, the men's grooming brand, has recently come out with a new line of chocolate-inspired products. If girls like chocolate, they'll like a guy who smells like chocolate, right?

The concept seems a little out there to me, but I've never been a fan of fragrances that smell like food. The commercial for Axe's Dark Temptation is pretty funny, you can check it out below.

Then tell me: would you want to bite kiss a guy who smells like he works in a chocolate factory?


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shawneehorse shawneehorse 5 years
WEll,let me be the first to tell you all who think this product is a are WROG'O ! This is the only Axe product that moves off of the shelf as soon as it is placed there. It smells musky like a mans scent and has a slight chocolate hint to it,which drives my lover crazy. Everyone loves the smell of the deorderant as well,as it is not an over owering smell,and btw it works. I use it and it keeps me from stinking all day and night,even if I skip a day it still works,so what you are talking about simpley is not true. Also incase you can't figure this one out,this product is aimed for gay guys as well,who love this product. All of this talk about what your man should smell like is crazy...ever ask him what he really thinks about the way you think you I bet he thinks you stink ! Infact there is a huge trend for men who are looking for a scent that dose smell like chocolate...they llike it,and why not who really has to smell you all day You all surely must not be getting the right attention from your man or giving him any What man dose not place food above all else,really now
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