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BBQ Bash Cookbook Review

Must-Read: BBQ Bash

Last year I received a copy of BBQ Bash: The Be-All, End-All Party Guide, from Barefoot to Black Tie ($16.95) by Karen Adler and Judith Fertig. I quickly flipped through the pages, but since it was October, I stored it on the book shelf.

Then two weeks ago I was sitting on my couch, looked up, and swore BBQ Bash jumped out at me. I scooped it up and started reading. To find out why I couldn't put this book down — even on the bus — 



  • It's written by two females, the BBQ Queens, so instead of taking a stereotypical manly point of view, the tone offers a refreshing anyone-can-do-it attitude.
  • Filled with hundreds of mouthwatering recipes, helpful tips, party plans, interesting lists (example: 15 different flavored butters), general information on grilling, smoking, and barbecuing.
  • To the authors, barbecue is a 24/seven, 365-day-a-year thing — meaning there is something for everyone.
  • The party plans are festive and fun. They include such themes as A Black-Tie Barbecue, Home For the Holidays Barbecue, and A Cozy Dinner a Deux.
  • There're plenty of cocktail recipes, too.


  • Lack of photos. There's a small color photo spread in the center of the book that features 14 images. Other than that, the book is photo-free.
  • Some of the recipes call for specialty ingredients like artisanal prosciutto, peppadews, and tarragon vinegar.
  • Other recipes are uncreative and rely on store-made products. A salmon recipe is little more than salmon fillets marinated in Italian dressing and Seafood Magic rub.
  • There's no index or list of the drink recipes making them hard to find.

Recipes: Each recipe is followed up with helpful pointers: to "deck it out" (make the dish seem more formal), to "take it easy" (simplify the recipe), to "change it up" (meat, herb, and cheese substitutions), and to "raise a glass" (alcoholic beverage pairing suggestions). Here are some that caught my eye:

  • Rioja-style grilled pork tenderloin tapas
  • Limoncello spritzers
  • Big Easy grilled beef tenderloin, Zinfandel-glazed baby back ribs with a kiss of smoke
  • Blue cheese coleslaw
  • Grilled Winter-greens with warm cranberry port-vinaigrette
  • Grilled chocolate crostini
  • Dulce de leche sauce

Imagery: As mentioned above, there are only 14 color photos. The rest of the book is filled with curvy illustrations.

Overall: If you do a lot of outdoor entertaining and don't mind a cookbook without images, this book is perfect for you!







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chiefdishwasher chiefdishwasher 7 years
I will BBQ (grill) in the snow..............
lickety-split lickety-split 7 years
:bbq: IS a lifestyle. i embrace the 365 day a year idea!
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