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Baked Garlic Recipe

Baked Garlic With Rosemary and Blue Cheese

We bet you've never seen garlic like this before. Thanks to Fresh Tart's baked garlic recipe that comes with fresh herbs and zesty cheese, you'll have yourself a popular party appetizer that's guaranteed to be a hit.

Roasted Garlic with Rosemary & Blue CheeseI'll confess: I meant to get this recipe to you before New Year's Eve. But in the crush of the holidays, and illness, it did not happen and . . . well, Happy New Year? The good news is that New Year's Eve is not the only Winter night to invite friends over for dinner, and this easy appetizer is meant to share with friends.

This is a pretty old school recipe at this point, given roasted garlic's heyday (perhaps even Kardashian-level overexposure?) around the turn of this century. I think it's fair to say that we all know that garlic becomes gorgeously sweet and spreadable when roasted; but add fresh herbs, tangy cheese, and a splash of broth and you create a rich swiping sauce that elevates it to a party food that stands the test of time.


Find out the origins of the recipe — and more — when you keep reading.

I first copied this recipe from Bon Appétit magazine onto a recipe card as a newlywed party thrower and it quickly became a much-passed-around favorite. Forgive me and the nostalgia of feeling like my mom, circa 1972, sharing her recipe for creamy dried beef dip. Except that my mom had way-cool hostess kimonos and I tend to entertain in jeans. (I definitely need a hostess kimono . . . )

You can roast the garlic ahead by a couple of hours and hold it at room temperature. Then, when your guests threaten imminent arrival, crumble on the cheese and set it in the oven to melt. You'll want to serve this warm, with good bread, and a glass of bubbles.

For even more, including the easy recipe, start following Fresh Tart, and then get to work on your own food blog. You could wind up featured here!

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