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Is it possible to satisfy your sweet tooth while maintaining a healthy diet? Because, unfortunately, chocolate-covered broccoli doesn't quite do the trick . . . or does it?

New Balance believes that we can feel good as we become addicted to the unexpected pleasures of being active and eating well. Now we want to find out how you keep your life balanced and indulgences in check.

We will be posting a series of questions for the next two weeks asking for your tips to a balanced life — this means TWO more chances to win! At the end of the contest, one balance-tip-submitter will be selected to win the grand prize (aka checking into the ultimate in indulgence and balance: a spa weekend getaway)!

Submit your brilliant balancing tip below and be automatically entered for a chance to win a $250 gift card to

Send us your diet balance tips and tricks now, comment below!

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skinny-latte skinny-latte 6 years
Moderation, I never deprive myself. And when there are family get-togethers with a lot of sweets, I split them with my boyfriend! :D
1955nurse 1955nurse 6 years
I have a hard time with this, it really takes alot of effort on my part! (Not just w/food - but 'over-indulgence' in SPENDING, especially @ this time of year) Have to REALLY think, most of my "whoops" moments occur when I'm in a hurry- rushing through the store, eating or whatever!
Curlock-Holmes Curlock-Holmes 6 years
For those with extreme sweet teeth, try having a small bowl of a sweet cereal (usually the ones we had as kids :) ) instead of dessert. I know Special K has a chocolate cereal, but just have a small portion of whatever you like. Then treat yourself to a small portion of a real dessert every once in awhile. And try to save the 'sweet treats' for the end of the day. If you're anything like me, eating them at lunch or early in the day only causes me to crave more later. Eat fruits or healthy snacks instead.
RunningOnCoffee RunningOnCoffee 6 years
I focus on packing healthy lunches; we only have healthy breakfast stuff at home; and if we cook our own dinners in (or have leftovers) most nights of the week, I find that's a good balance - allowing for a couple potentially unhealthy meals out. We have ice cream in the freezer, sometimes Edy's Slow Churned, sometimes the real stuff (made locally) - the key is portion size! I serve myself ice cream in a smaller bowl.
Erin-from-Long-Island Erin-from-Long-Island 6 years
I happen to really love healthy foods. I can happily tear into a bowl of fruit jazzed up with a little yogurt and herbs like mint or tarragon. Not to say I don't enjoy the occasional piece of chocolate, but healthy eating isn't a sacrifice to me at all
sfunkera sfunkera 6 years
I eat healthy for the most part, but let myself have something bad in a small quanity once a week. On that bad day, I exercise more. Not wanting to exercise that extra bit is actually some motivation to not have a "bad" treat, too :)
BigTexasRedneck BigTexasRedneck 6 years
I eat whatever i want once a week & try to watch what i eat the rest of the time. It gives me something to look forward to & I don't feel like I am doing without.
the1cyn the1cyn 6 years
I do little thing to stay in shape. But, I do them conti. Like when I eat a sandwich I always cut it into 4 pieces(it takes me longer to eat, so i fill-up eating less) or taking the stairs. Just little things all day long add up.
mbass210 mbass210 6 years
I try to maintain a sense of balance by keeping regular with exercise and plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lots of water incorporated into my daily life. That way, when I'm having a craving or feel like doing something more hedonistic, I can enjoy my chocolate or taking a day off from exercising without feeling guilty. It's great to get a break so you don't go crazy. Now if only I could find that chocolate-covered broccoli somewhere... ;)
glowingoasis glowingoasis 6 years
I ALWAYs indulge if I feel the need, but in moderation. I will have a Jell-O Mousee cup (60 calories) instead of ...a pint of Ben & Jerry's , for example :)
alc116 alc116 6 years
A good balance is not forbidding sweets or indulgences altogther, because that will cause major cravings, but to do indulgences in moderation; for example, having a chocolate banana smoothie instead of a milkshake or apples and peanut butter rather than an apple pie will satisfy the sweet cravings without overdoing it on fat and calories!
jamie-ferrari jamie-ferrari 6 years
It is all about finding a balance that promotes health while leaving us filling that we can enjoy small amounts of the things we love on occasion. I have a terrible sweet tooth and have found ways to trick it into being satisfied. A cut up apple with a small amount of almond butter is a sweet and yummy snack. Yogurt with fresh berries is another good one. I try and eat low on the food chain because I feel better when I do. I enjoy pasta and wouldn't consider a low carb diet. I now eat only whole wheat past because of it's fiber content and I;m loving it. If there is a dessert at a party, a birthday cake, or something delicious someone spent hours making, I will have a small taste of it. I keep in mind that just because had a small piece of dessert, does not mean I'm out of control. I don't have to eat a whole cake or pie or whatever just because I had a taste. Balance is important in every area of my life and at 40 something I will admit diet and exercise has been the most difficult to stay on task with. If I make a mistake, blow off a work out, and feel like taking a day off, I can and do make up for it by working harder the next day. Flexibility is a gift that makes living a balanced life more worthwhile. Go easy on yourself and gently motivate your body and mind. XO
hyacinthgirl hyacinthgirl 6 years
The main way I stay balanced is by keeping my thoughts balanced. I try to remain relaxed when I think about my weight, my diet, my body. When I start to focus too much or too little on any of those things, I no longer remain balanced. Staying happy keep me motivated to love myself and care for my health.
imabrat imabrat 6 years
I've learned the hard way, if I don't indulge sometimes, I give up completely. Over the years, I've also learned to detect the point where the balance is starting to shift. If it shifts on it's own; I'm in trouble; if I am in control, even when indulging, I stay on track.
lilprisci lilprisci 6 years
My technique is just to pick a day of the week when I'm allowed to indulge. That way I have an incentive during the rest of the days and can reward myself for my perseverance.
shalee55 shalee55 6 years
Very hard since I love chocolate addict really...but this is what I do, Diner at 6 PM fruit for dessert , and no food after....herbal tea no caffeine after 4 PM. If I have a late night and don't get a chance to eat I'll have cereal ...and if I crave that chocolate I'll have one piece, this works better than denying myself and then being a little piggy .
jvanlohn jvanlohn 6 years
I follow a few simple lifestyle 'rules' so that I can indulge whenever I want - (whenever I get that craving). First off, no fast food. If there is no other choice then skip the soda and go for iced tea or water. The drink is the most expensive (when you consider the company pays pennies for it and we pay dollars). Second, eat well balanced home-cooked meals; these have protein (meat) carbs (rice, potato, bread, or pasta) and veggies (your choice of green, yellow, or orange), and fruit or yogurt for dessert. I stick to this plan so that whenever I have a craving for chocolate, my weakness, I can have it.
stef42678 stef42678 6 years
I keep balanced by taking a fifteen minute timeout when I get home work to give myself a little "me time". This helps me relax and unwind from the stressful workday and focus on some pure happiness. I love to wake up in the morning and go for a run to wake up alert and ready to go and focus on the good things that the day will bring.
the1cyn the1cyn 6 years
a little bit of both I afraid
tksinclair tksinclair 6 years
I'm currently dealing with this...I'm on a diet for the show The Doctors (as a guest) and I'm DYING FOR SUGAR. I'd kill for a gummy bear right now! No kidding.... Overall I think everything in moderation...except I'd eat a million gummy bears first!
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