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The Battle of The Pink Candy

As we all know, limited edition candy is all the rage these days. For a while everything came with a coating of dark chocolate or a layer of creamy peanut butter. However right now, the trend seems to be the addition of fruit flavors and pink hues.

This weekend I had the opportunity to try both the limited edition Razzberry M&Ms that I told you about a few weeks ago, as well as the new-ish Strawberry Milkshake flavored Whoppers. The limited edition M&Ms were definitely the preferred option, but to check out what I thought of each,

The packaging on the Razzberry M&Ms is a fun, well downright girly, purple with pink accents, and upon opening it there is definitely a slight artificial raspberry smell. Each M&M is magenta colored and initially I thought the flavor was in the candy shell, but after eating several I realized it was actually in the chocolate. Despite how clichéd the raspberry/chocolate combination is, it was actually quite tasty. I honestly enjoyed eating them and hope they introduce a dark chocolate flavor.

Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the Strawberry Whoppers. Whoppers are generally chocolate covered malt balls, but this edition contains no chocolate. Instead they're malt balls wrapped in a strawberry-flavored white chocolate-ish coating. In theory it's a great idea, but in execution it fails due to the fact that the strawberry coating is ridiculously waxy. After eating a handful my teeth felt laminated and weird. Apparently at Easter they sell a version with a candy shell and I'm pretty positive it might be just what it needs to save it.

So verdict? Hunt down the M&Ms (they're only available for six weeks) and ignore the Strawberry Whoppers until Easter. Oh and stay tuned, I'm sure these won't be the the only limited edition fruit flavored candies.

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