We're not the only ones who are huge fans of the food blog Homesick Texan, so is OnSugar blogger FreshTart. Here, she tries out the Texan's recipe for Dallas-style beef brisket tacos.

brisket tacos

I took this picture after...6 pm!  That is so outstanding I can barely contain myself.  It's been a long, dark winter in Minnesota and while it's still cold as hell, with a thick blanket of dirty snow covering everything (the color of despair as my Twitter friend @ChefSpencerGray called it, perfect), there is light.  Lalalight!


Keep reading for more beautiful photos of beef tacos.

It's still braising weather, however, which I'm not really complaining about - yum, braise, always - but I am itching to put away the Dutch oven and stand on the deck, after a day of too much sun, sipping champagne while I grill...


Uh, not quite yet.

A painfully delicious taco conversation with Eating for England blogger Angharad Guy, paired with these longer days of sunlight, appears to have spiked a serious craving for spicy food - no, I'm not pregnant - so I turned to one of my favorite all-time blogs, Homesick Texan, for her recipe for Dallas-style brisket tacos.  I've been eyeing the recipe for awhile, waiting for a lazy Sunday, just perfect for sliding a roast in the oven and letting it slow-simmer all day.  While there are fresh jalapenos in the broth, the beef emerges flavorful-not-spicy (and falling-apart tender, of course).

Adults and children alike will be all over these.

In fact, you can think of these as the Philly cheesesteak of tacos.  Dallas-style means cheese melted onto the tortilla before piling in the brisket with sauteed peppers and onions.  Serve the tacos with pan juices and salsa for dipping.

Sigh with happiness for the beauty of braised beef.

Squint into the sun.

Try not to eat six of them, like John did.

Snack on raw jalapenos with salt, like I did, so good, come on sun, bring it.

Recipe for Brisket Tacos, Dallas Style on Homesick Texan.

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