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Are Beersicles Illegal?

Quick! What's the first word that comes to your mind when I say "Frozen Beersicle?" If it was "illegal" then you and the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control think alike. Rustico Restaurant of McLean, Virginia began selling frozen beer pops as a way to beat the summer heat. Executive chef Frank Morales tested over 100 varieties before landing on Belgian derived "Raspbeer-y," Lambic driven "Plum," and stout-based "Fudgesicle." However, according to the Virginia DABC, it's illegal to sell beer pops since beer must be served in its original container, or served immediately to a customer once it is poured from the original container. Philip Disharoon, special agent in charge of the Alexandria division of the Virginia DABC, stated:

If we're talking about taking a beer and pouring it from a bottle or a keg into some sort of mold and freezing it, then that product is not legal.

The restaurant is planning on keeping them on the menu, however Disharoon believes there is no way it will be legal.

Source: WTOP News

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