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Bon Appétit: 15 Films With Food We'd Love to Taste

Feb 18 2013 - 6:30am

We love the experience of a beautiful meal in any form, even if we don't get to taste it in person. On the silver screen, there have been a fair share of actors and actresses who did an awesome job playing chef. From the Ramen Master in Tampopo to truffle-crafting Vianne in Chocolat, we'd love to taste the creations each of these 15 fictional chefs has up their sleeve. Click through this list and prepare to salivate.


The Chef: Vianne (Juliette Binoche)
Why We Love Her: After entering a superuptight village in the middle of Lent, she manages to transform even the hardest inhabitants through the seductive powers of her chocolate confections. I'm dying to taste her hot cocoa.

Photo courtesy of Miramax [1]


The Chef: John Clasky (Adam Sandler [2])
Why We Love Him: We get to check out Clasky's culinary chops when he cooks up a beautiful and romantic meal for his gorgeous housekeeper, Flor. However, he makes an incredible looking BLT fried-egg-and-cheese sandwich [3] that stole our hearts and made our stomachs grumble.

Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures [4]

Simply Irresistible

The Chef: Amanda Shelton (Sarah Michelle Gellar [5])
Why We Love Her: Amanda Shelton takes the concept of "cooking with her heart" to a whole new level. She starts out as a mediocre chef, but with the assistance of a magic crab, everything she cooks has aphrodisiac properties, making it — you guessed it — "simply irresistible."

Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox [6]

Sweeney Todd

The Chef: Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter)
Why We Love Her: Although Mrs. Lovett is incredibly evil and notorious for her "worst pies in London," I'd love to catch a glimpse of her before heading to an establishment with a bit of a better reputation nearby.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. [7]

No Reservations

The Chef: Kate (Catherine Zeta-Jones [8])
Why We Love Her: Although she's got a few emotional issues, Kate is an absolute perfectionist with a true passion for simple flavors. Her restaurant 22 Bleecker looks like someplace we'd love to try.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. [9]


The Chef: Jenna Hunterson (Keri Russell [10])
Why We Love Her: Jenna has big dreams of opening up her own cute pie shop, and with gorgeous sweet creations with names like Peachy-Keen Tarts and I Hate My Husband Pie, we'd love to stop in for a piece or two.

Photo courtesy of Fox Searchlight [11]


The Chef: Remy the Rat (Patton Oswalt)
Why We Love Him: Despite his small stature, Remy the Rat refuses to give up on his gourmand dreams. We'd be more than pleased to dig into that pretty omelet.

Image courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures [12]

Mystic Pizza

The Chef: Leona (Conchata Ferrell)
Why We Love Her: Despite the fact that those waitresses are like her daughters, Leona refuses to give up the secret to her delectable sauce. What we would do to taste the famous "Slice of Heaven."


The Chef: Ramen Master (Yoshi Katô)
Why We Love Him: After the experienced chef Goro can't seem to get his ramen just right, his young sidekick Gun seeks the help of an elder in the very first "ramen Western," a play on Spaghetti Western films. The noodle master gives Gun great advice when enjoying ramen: "Appreciate its gestalt. Savor the aromas."

Photo courtesy of New Yorker Films [13]

Tortilla Soup

The Chef: Martin Naranjo (Hector Elizondo)
Why We Love Him: Although this Mexican-American master chef lost his ability to taste, he still holds a traditional Sunday feast for his three daughters every week. I'd love to sit and lounge at one of these suppers, full of lavish dishes with fresh-picked vegetables and fruits from his home's cute garden.

Photo courtesy of The Samuel Goldwyn Company [14]

Woman on Top

The Chef: Isabella (Penelope Cruz [15])
Why We Love Her: This Brazilian bombshell leaves her bad-boy husband for a new life in San Francisco. She almost instantly turns into a celebrity chef with her TV show, Passion Food. We'd love to taste any of the spicy dishes she creates — this lady loves her hot peppers!

Photo courtesy of Fox Searchlight [16]

Big Night

The Chef: Secondo (Stanley Tucci)
Why We Love Him: Despite the fact that it doesn't make them the most successful business in town, Secondo refuses to over-Americanize the traditional Italian recipes brought over from the old country. Just don't order a side of spaghetti at this restaurant.

Photo courtesy of The Samuel Goldwyn Company [17]

Babette's Feast

The Chef: Babette Hersant (Stéphane Audran)
Why We Love Her: After escaping the chaos of revolutionary France, Babette takes a job as a housekeeper and cook for two sisters on the Danish coast. Despite her hardships, she finds solace and pleasure in the passion of cooking. Watching her cook the last meal in the film for a huge congregation is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Photo courtesy of MGM [18]

I Am Love

The Chef: Antonio Biscaglia (Edoardo Gabbriellini)
Why We Love Him: The handsome young chef Antonio woos Tilda Swinton's character into his arms through his nearly orgasmic culinary creations and Italian charm. We'd take either of those options on a silver platter any day.

Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures [19]

The Devil Wears Prada

The Chef: Nate (Adrian Grenier [20])
Why We Love Him: As if he weren't adorable enough for wanting more time with his girlfriend, our hearts melt when he makes Anne Hathaway [21] the most perfect grilled cheese we've ever seen.

Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox [22]

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