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Petite but Powerful: Grills for Small Spaces

Jul 11 2012 - 4:24am

Like many city dwellers, we frequently find ourselves lamenting our lack of space. While we've been unusually blessed by the apartment gods with a sizable (shared) backyard, most of our friends are not as lucky. Perhaps hoping to relinquish our BBQ-hosting duties (or, as we like to think, out of sheer benevolence) we've done the legwork and rounded up some of our favorite grills that pack plenty of power despite their diminutive footprint.

Weber Portable Propane Gas Grill

We tend to associate Weber with its charcoal offerings, but don't let that presumption discount this well-proportioned propane cutie [1] ($149).

Lodge Logic Hibachi Grill

Hibachi grills need not be relegated solely to Korean BBQ and the like, though we imagine this would be a welcome addition to your kalbi [2]-cookery arsenal. Small and sturdy, Lodge's cast iron hibachi [3] ($130) is perfect for preparing anything from Asian delicacies to hot dogs.

Bonus: Lodge is a homegrown favorite [4].

Weber Smokey Joe Grill

Trite but true: classics are often classics for a reason. Pot-bellied Weber grills are central to many of our Summer memories, and it's an old standby we keep coming back to. Reliable (and one of the most economical of the bunch), this version that is scaled down to city-living [5] ($40) will serve you well for years to come.

Fire Sense Hotspot Notebook Portable Grill

We'll be toting this Fire Sense Notebook Charcoal Grill [6] ($40) beachside for our next cookout.

Fuego Element Gas Grill

The most high-tech of the bunch, this sleek and powerful gas grill [7] ($400) is something we'd recommend to those looking to smoke foods at home, tech junkies, and anyone whose design aesthetic leans toward the futuristic.

O-Grill Portable Gas Grill

The most portable of the bunch (it even comes with a sturdy carrying case), this high-tech space-saver [8] ($200) is a natural choice for impromptu cookouts.

Bodum Fyrkat Green Grill

Preternaturally cheerful in color, this petite charcoal grill [9] ($80) still has a classic shape and glossy enamel finish.

Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Grill Pan

Truly short on outdoor space? Don't relegate your grilling adventures to the occasional beach cookout. Instead, stock a heavy-duty cast iron grill pan [10] ($25). It won't imbue your food with smokey flavor the way a true grill will, but it works amazingly well in a pinch (we turn to ours when Winter chill sets in).

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