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The Best Roast Chicken Recipe

Let's Dish: What's Your Favorite Roast Chicken Recipe?

When recently asked what a man could hypothetically cook to win her heart, celeb-turned-cookbook author Gwyneth Paltrow answered, "Roast chicken, only because it's almost impossible to f*ck that up!"

She's right: an oven-roasted bird can be made a number of ways, and everyone seems to have a different method of doing it. Some cook their chickens low and slow, while others sing the praises of a high oven temp and a short cooking time.

Maybe you start at a high temperature, then lower it. Should you brown the chicken first in a pan, then stick it in the oven? These are all very personal questions. What's your tried-and-true method of making a standout roasted chicken?

Source: Flickr User kthread

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