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Better Know a Group: Savory Sights

*Drool* You know you're drooling too. How could you not be drooling at this three layer chocolate raspberry mousse cake with white chocolate ganache, raspberries and chocolate shavings on top. This photo was posted by our very own geeksugar in the Savory Sights Group. And today, as part of my Better Know a Group series, I thought I'd take a minute to introduce you to the Savory Sights Group.

You might be asking yourself, how is this different from the other food groups? Well, this one is just for photos (think of it as look book for your food). Go out to dinner? Take a picture and post it for us to share! Have a fantastic meal at a friend's house? Take a picture and post it! See a fancy new product? Well, you get the idea.

Post your hard kitchen work and recipes in another group (such as kitchen goddess or Let's Have a Drink), and post your inspiration here! Join now and get your pictures posted, because we're planning on giving away stuff to our favorite image each month!! To learn how to post to the Savory Sights Group,

I know that this long list looks scary, but trust me, once you get the hang of it, it'll be a snap the second time around.

  1. First of all, join the Savory Sights Group
  2. Click "Participate!" on the left hand side
  3. Choose "Blog"
  4. Give your photo a Title
  5. Leave the category as "general"
  6. Change the channel to "food and entertaining"
  7. Add keywords (for example mine for this photo were "salmon, mango salsa, fish")
  8. Click on the "Add Image" link below the "body" box
  9. A popup window will happen - click on "Browse" to find your image on your computer
  10. Once you have the image chosen, click "Submit"
  11. The popup will show you your image, choose size: "normal" - if you want, you can give it a title (which will show up as a caption)
  12. Click "Insert" and the popup will go away
  13. Your "body" box will now have some text in it. Leave it as is. If you want to add some text before the picture, do it before the code that has appeared.
  14. Click Submit

So join the Savory Sights group and start posting your great photos!

Join The Conversation
moosie7 moosie7 10 years
OMGosh that looks good
celebrity_soup celebrity_soup 10 years
ooooooohhhh:drool: :drool: :drool:
viking1 viking1 10 years
Heck yes! I made that cake! You cut it with a very sharp, hot knife... it's messy!
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
Woah! How do you even cut that thing? Im game for diving right in with my hands, it looks so darn good.
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