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Is It Better to Use Pie Weights, Chains, or Dried Beans When Precooking Pie Crusts?

For the Bakers Out There: Beans or Pie Weights?

Williams-Sonoma at ShopStyle

Reader Brisas has brought up an interesting baking question to the YumSugar Community, in particular the Kitchen Goddesses. She asks:

With Fall on its way, I wanted to started baking again and start experimenting with pies and tarts. I noticed on a lot of the recipes, they call to cook the crust before hand and to ensure it doesn't bubble to place tin foil over the crust and fill it with beans or pie weights or pie weight chain. I was just wondering if there are any bakers out there that have a preference and why?

When I make a pie, I normally use dried beans, then I toss the beans after using them. It might be more environmentally friendly to purchase weights, like the ones shown here from Williams-Sonoma ($13.50), but I don't make pies often enough to need them. What do you use? Please share your pie-baking tips with us below!

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