Yesterday, at Tales of the Cocktail - an annual New Orleans culinary and cocktail festival - Absolut Vodka announced a new limited-edition flavor appropriately called "New Orleans." Inspired by the Big Easy, Absolut New Orleans combines juicy mango and spicy black pepper. This is the first in a series of limited-edition flavored vodkas named after cities, and this time around Absolut is planning on donating 100% of the profits to charities in the Gulf Coast including Habitat for Humanity, Hands on Gulf Coast, Volunteer Mobile along with a few others. Each foundation will receive a monetary donation in order the help rebuild the area.

The vodka will be available in the usual places (bars, restaurants, stores, etc.) starting August 1st. If you try it let us know what you think of it, the flavor combos sound intriguing, as do the drinks you can make with it. Check out Absolut's website for more details, including a way to vote for upcoming city-flavors. There are 10 cities to choose from, you tell them what it would taste like and why it deserves to be next.

Source: PR Newswire