For Food Network star Robert Irvine, 2008 was dicier and more stressful than completing any challenge on Dinner: Impossible.

In February, news surfaced that the show's host had embellished his résumé. Many of Irvine's claims — that he was a KCVO Knight, awarded a castle by the Queen of England, attended the University of Leeds, and helped make the wedding cake for Prince Charles and Princess Diana — turned out to be made up.

The news, once it broke, seemed to be career suicide for Robert Irvine.

Food Network immediately distanced itself from Irvine, failing to renew his contract and replacing him as the host of the show with Next Iron Chef winner Michael Symon.

Last month, Food Network announced the near-impossible: It would be bringing the fallen Irvine back to host the show again. Many of you were excited about the turn of events, as you love Chef Symon but thought he was better suited for Iron Chefdom, anyway. New episodes with Irvine will debut in March 2009. Will you tune in to watch him again?