With the recent frightful pet food scare, many people have turned to making their own pet food or going to organic, high-end solutions. A London bakery has decided to take it to the next step by creating treats that can be enjoyed by pets and owners alike.

The Alldog Bakery is proudly stamping their products as, "made with human quality ingredients," and their range includes treats such as Honey Hearts (wholemeal flour, maize meal, milk, honey and coconut), Carob Crunch (heart shaped carob cookies), Liver Love (savory crackers with a hint of garlic) and Doggy Doughnut. All of which are made with natural ingredients, no preservatives or additives. They're good for you and your pup, but I don't know if your dentist would approve, apparently they're "much harder than human biscuits to suit dogs' teeth".

Source: Spluch and This Is London