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Blueberry Mojito Cocktail Recipe

Don't Make This Sparkling Blueberry Mojito If You Hate Compliments

The following post was written by Serena Wolf who blogs at Domesticate ME! and is part of POPSUGAR Select Food.

Blueberries, fresh mint, lime, and a sprinkling of Sugar in the Raw get muddled together, mixed with a generous shot of rum, and then topped with chilled Champagne. Yes, I'll drink anything with a Champagne floater, but this cocktail is particularly magical. It strikes the perfect balance between tart and sweet, with a refreshing minty finish and the perfect amount of fizz.

If you're in the market for a signature cocktail to serve at your upcoming Summer soirees, this is it, folks. It's absolutely gorgeous, and you can easily make the blueberry mojito base in bulk and then top individual glasses with Champagne when it's time to party. The fancy blueberry "swizzle sticks" you see pictured are simply blueberries threaded onto bamboo skewers, which takes all of 45 seconds. No, they're not mandatory, but unless you hate compliments, you should probably just go ahead and make them. Bottoms up!


Sparkling Blueberry Mojito

Serves: 1


1/3 cup blueberries (plus extra for a fancy blueberry swizzle stick)
6-8 leaves fresh mint
1 tablespoon Sugar in the Raw
2 1/2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
2 ounces light rum
Crushed ice
2 ounces chilled Prosecco or Champagne


  1. Place the blueberries, mint leaves, sugar, and lime juice in a 12-ounce glass. Using a muddler or wooden spoon, muddle the ingredients in the bottom of the glass until the blueberries have released their juices. 
  2. Fill the glass with crushed ice and pour the rum over. Give it a stir.
  3. Top with chilled Champagne or Prosecco, and garnish with extra mint and blueberries if you're feeling fancy.
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