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Lofty Matters: Bread Recipes For Both Beginners and Experts

Oct 5 2012 - 4:25am

We get it: bread baking can seem a bit intimidating. Truth be told, it's a project that bakers of any level of experience can enjoy, but in hopes of avoiding frustrating ventures, we've broken down 10 of our favorite bread recipes into categories appropriate for bread bakers of all ilk, from beginner to expert.

Have a leftover loaf from your labor or love? Try these tips for putting leftover challah to good use [1], most of which apply to all varieties of bread.

Beginner: Jim Lahey's No-Knead Bread

Kneading: who needs it? If you have time to spare (roughly 18 hours, mostly inactive), then this easy and robustly flavored boule [2] is a great place to start for beginner bread makers.

Beginner: Quick No-Knead Bread Recipe

Admittedly, sometimes 18 hours is too long to wait for freshly baked bread. If you find yourself somewhat short for time, then try this adaptation of Jim Lahey's no-knead bread [3] with a rise time that's expedited.

Beginner: Grilled Stuffed Flatbreads

These simple grilled flatbreads [4] are easy, infinitely customizable, and a great introduction for newbies.

Beginner: Breadsticks

Crisp and crunchy breadsticks [5] are a breeze to prepare and are about as close to an instant-gratification bread as is possible, with minimal rise and baking time.

Beginner: Irish Soda Bread

Still intimidated by yeast? Try this baking-powder-leavened quick bread [6] traditional to Ireland.

Intermediate: Sourdough Wheat Bread

For a loaf of bread with a true sense of place, try making a sourdough boule [7], whose loft and tangy flavor comes from naturally occurring yeast in the air.

Intermediate: Brioche Buns

Rich, eggy brioche buns [8] are perfect for intermediate bakers, who are looking to expand their skill set. While the dough itself isn't particularly challenging to whip up, shaping it can take a bit of practice.

All Levels: Challah

One need not observe the sabbath to enjoy this egg- and oil-larded bread [9]. Intermediate bakers can rise to the challenge with sweet stuffed iterations [10], and the truly adventurous can try a six-strand braid [11].

Intermediate to Advanced: Pain d'Epi Bread

Impress your friends with branched baguettes [12] meant to evoke a key bread-making ingredient: wheat.

Advanced: Pan de Muerto

Challenge yourself with this mildly sweet, intricately shaped bread [13] traditional to Mexico's Day of the Dead celebration.

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